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The next Scientific Symposium will take place during the 17th World Congress of the OWHC in Cordoba, Spain, from the 24th to the 27th of September 2024.


The Collaborative Networks will take on particular importance at this Symposium, providing a working space for addressing the objectives and orientations formulated in the second step of the Roadmap, and encouraging the identification of concrete action-oriented solutions. They will perpetuate a way of working that will definitively change the OWHC's contribution to its members.


To this end, the concept of the Cordoba Symposium should give priority to the work in workshops and the establishment of channels for the transfer of experience between the Collaborative Networks.

The Cordoba Symposium will provide an opportunity to validate the range of innovations and results. On this occasion, member cities may consider expanding the scope of the approach to offer a further phase of experimentation through pilot projects.

More content to come.

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