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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board, formed at the initiative of the General Secretariat, is composed of independent experts with a long track record of assisting communities in large-scale urban projects:

Bernard Bouzou

Architect and Urban Planner

Since 1972, Bernard Bouzou works with local communities through all the steps of major urban projects, from strategic planning to project management. As an architect trained in political and economic sciences, he specializes in urban renewal – old neighborhoods rehabilitation, brownfield redevelopment – and cumulates several years of teaching at the Université Bordeaux 3. With the Council of Europe, he takes part in missions to help Caucasian and East European cities develop their policy on heritage conservation and promotion.

Bernard Bouzou cropped.jpg

Luc Gagnon 

Expert consultant in urban planning and mobility

Luc Gagnon has been practicing urban planning in Canada for over 35 years. As former Director of the urban planning and mobility department at the city of Montreal, he has a strong grasp of challenges pertaining to neighborhoods in need of protection or transformation. He has taken part in numerous oversea missions and led training sessions in Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East. Currently, he’s the administrator of Montreal’s Agence de mobilité durable and offers consulting services in urban planning and mobility.

Yves Gendron

Deputy Director General – Strasbourg Upper Rhine Urban Planning Agency (ADEUS)

From 1986, Yves Gendron works on urban projects with the private sector in Montreal. While at the city of Montreal in the early 1990’s, he develops normative principles for modulated building heights in the downtown area. In 1995, he pursues his career with the ADEUS in Europe, where he develops the Master plan for the Strasbourg-Kehl urban project (250 ha). For the last 20 years, he’s been facilitating workshops with the Atelier Projet Urbain et Paysage, led by the Fédération française des agences d’urbanisme, which has produced urban projects for several metropolitan areas: Brest, Le Havre, Lorient, Reims Saint-Pierre (Martinique), Strasbourg, Marseilles… With his experience in project management, he takes part in various initiatives in Europe (France, Germany, Luxemburg) and Quebec.

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