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On the road to Cordoba

This section will shortly be expanded to include a Panorama of Thematics as well as a Library of Collaborative Networks. These two tools will enable you to follow the work carried out in the framework of the Roadmap, and which will announce the content that will be developed as part of the Cordoba Symposium, from September 24 to 27, 2024.

Panorama of Thematics

The Panorama offers a visual representation of the thematics prioritized by the pilot cities, situating them in relation to the Roadmap's Issues at Stake. It is intended to evolve with the work of the Collaborative Networks, and in time will also highlight the interrelation of these thematics and the problematics that arise from them.​

Library of Collaborative Networks

The Library is a space dedicated to the Collaborative Networks, enabling them to compile documents, references, articles, etc. which the participating cities could make available for the collective work on the thematics.

The Library will make it possible to assess the progress of each Collaborative Network's work in developing their respective priority thematic, and to enrich the reflection on the issues at stake and possible solutions.

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