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Québec Roadmap :
Towards a new urban project | 2022 - 2024



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The Roadmap in a nutshell

At the 16th Congress of the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC), held in Quebec City in September 2022, the Mayors of member cities stressed that the combined effects of climate, economic, and social crises are putting considerable pressure on urban environments, which are particularly vulnerable in their historical and heritage dimensions. Faced with the scale of the changes underway, other ways of acting and new urban practices need to be considered.

The OWHC has therefore embarked on an innovative process, known as the “Québec Roadmap”, to begin building a bold strategy for joint action that will concretely reconcile the human, the urban and the environment.

Until the 17th World Congress in Cordoba (Spain), to be held in September 2024, the OWHC cities are therefore mobilized in a process of identifying their own issues at stake and the challenges they raise, with the aim of finding solutions that can be implemented concretely, rapidly and effectively.


Roadmap Cities


Find out more about all the participating cities and the experiences with which they are enriching the Roadmap!

Join Brugge's Collaborative Network

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Brugge is the first city to launch its Collaborative Network, based on the Thematic: Intangible heritage as a resource for urban rehabilitation

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