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Collaborative Networks Library

The "library" is a space offered to each Collaborative Network to compile references, articles and any type of document identified as relevant to the Thematic developed, and validated by the whole Network, in particular to feed discussions, links to reference documents, background information, best practices, etc. 

The deliverables expected within the framework of the Roadmap and validated by the General Secretariat will be accessible in the "library", enabling the progress of the collective work carried out by each Collaborative Network to be measured, as well as the enrichment of reflection on the issues and possible solutions.

Greening and space planning for urban refreshment
Bordeaux – Pilot city
Budapest, Brussels, Cuenca, Luxembourg, Lyon, Puebla, Québec, Regensburg, Riga - Participating cities
fra, eng, spa
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Protecting and strengthening the residential function of the city’s historic centers
Brussels – Pilot city
Colonia del Sacramento, Evora, Kandy, Luxembourg, Morelia, Regensburg, San Antonio, Strasbourg, Visby – Participating cities
fra, eng, spa
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