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City showcase

The cities involved in the Roadmap have all taken steps, and have implemented or are in the process of implementing actions to address the specific urban situations they face, and which they have detailed for the work of the Collaborative Networks.

The "Showcase" is a space offered to these cities to present and provide access to these experiences, know-how, and documents relating to the various concerns expressed in the "Narrative". 

•    Angra do Heroismo (Portugal)

•    Bordeaux (France)
•    Brugge (Belgium)
•    Brussels (Belgium)
•    Cidade Velha (Cape Verde)
•    Colonia de Sacramento (Uruguay)
•    Cordoba (Spain)
•    Krakow (Poland)
•    Cuenca (Ecuador)
•    Dubrovnik (Croatia)
•    Evora (Portugal)
•    Marrakesh (Morocco)
•    Morelia (Mexico)
•    Puebla (Mexico)
•    Quebec (Canada)
•    Querétaro (Mexico)
•    Regensburg (Germany)
•    Split (Croatia)
•    Strasbourg (France)

•    Vilnius (Lithuania)

•    Warsaw (Poland)
•    Xochimilco (Mexico)
•    Regional Secretariat for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean (SRESM)

To showcase your experiences or urban initiatives, you are welcome to join the Québec Roadmap at any time!

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