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Collaborative Networks

Setting up Collaborative Networks

Collaborative Networks are designed for cities that want to learn from each other.

Collaborative Networks engage cities that share an interest in the same Thematic in a collaborative approach to problem-solving and opportunity-seeking. 

Following the presentation of their priority Thematic at a Round Table, the pilot city proposes an Action Plan indicating the form and content of the work to be carried out within the framework of the Collaborative Network. The adoption of the Action Plan by the participants in a Collaborative Network marks the start of the operational phase and the collective work.

Any city that is a member in good standing of the OWHC can join a Collaborative Network as a "Follower" and contribute to the collective work. 

On the "Resources" page, you'll find a toolbox with the following documents to guide you through the work of the Collaborative Networks:

a.    Working document – Collaborative Networks
b.    Guidelines: Collaborative Networks
c.    Template: Collaborative Network identity sheet
d.    Template : Action Plan 

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