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Panorama (State 3 – April 5 2024)

Realizing the Mayors’ Manifesto entails overcoming high-stake Issues linked to the future of OWHC world heritage member cities:

Issue 1: Adapting cities to climate change and reducing its impact

Issue 2: Capitalizing on the ability of historic districts to reinvent themselves

Issue 3: Enhancing the features that make the livability of the heritage city

Issue 4: Promoting heritage as an essential resource for sustainable development

How these issues are dealt with will influence which decisions are made and which orientations are developed. In this perspective, cities have initiated a reflection around 11 Thematics. They give a first sense of the questions that must be addressed in order to encounter ways of doing and urban practices that serve a new generation of holistic, integrated, projects.

At this stage of the Roadmap, the panorama derived from these Thematics point to a strong will of the cities to act in priority on public spaces and housing, reduce the nuisances that hinder the quality of life and propose alternatives to cool and calm the city that are in line with the historical continuity of these exceptional, albeit fragile, environments.

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