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Reference documents about the Roadmap

Download the reference document about the Roadmap, including a description of the program, the mandate to the General Secretariat, the political vision, etc.

Individual annexes: 
•    Mandate to the OWHC General Secretariat
•    Political Vision (Strategic Axes, Operational Objectives)
•    Terminology
•    Synoptic Tables (results from the Symposium)

Visual presentation of the Roadmap - Including a description of the program and its context, its methodology and a summary of all 3 steps of the Roadmap.

Monitoring documents :

•    Progress report on the results of the Roadmap, dated September 19, 2023  
•    Mayors' Panel results report dated November 14, 2023  

Operational documents :

Step 1 – Conception

Working document 1 “Expression of interest”

Working document 2 “Priority Thematics”

Working document 3 “Collaborative Network”

Step 2 – Implementation

A working document covering all the Implementation sub-steps is currently being drawn up. However, the following guides and templates are available:

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