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Action Plan

The proposal for a Collaborative Network Action Plan prepared by a pilot city serves primarily to:

•    Mobilize cities interested in the priority Thematic
•    Inform cities of the implications of their involvement in the Collaborative Network
•    Announce planned activities of the Collaborative Network.

The adoption of the Action Plan by the participants in a Collaborative Network marks the start of the operational phase. Participating cities can, together, adjust the proposed Action Plan according to their objectives and the resources and energy they are prepared to invest. 

With a view to the 17th World Congress of the OWHC (Cordoba, Spain, September 24-27, 2024) and in order to achieve the objectives of the Roadmap, the Action Plan must meet, as a minimum, the following needs:

•    Before May 15, 2024: Gather material and experience, ask questions that shake up taboos and identify projects that are the subject of debate, in order to create a common culture.
•    Before September 1, 2024: Formulate guidelines and responses to the Thematic and the issues at stake.
•    During the Cordoba Symposium: In workshops, identify possible solutions based on specific criteria (to be determined).
•    After Cordoba: Experiment with possible solutions to establish new ways of thinking and developing the heritage city.

On the "Resources" page you will find a toolbox with the following documents to guide you through the work of Collaborative Networks:

a.    Template : Action plan
b.    Guide: Organizing a webinar
c.    Guide: International workshops

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